Bestselling Books from Port Washington, NY

Bestselling Author Bart Davis of Port Washington, NY

Dive into the books of bestselling author Bart Davis. Davis is an author of ten published novels, five non-fiction books, two feature films, and numerous print articles. His books have been published all over the world and translated into a dozen of languages. He lives in New York with his family.

Bart Davis is represented by Mr. Robert Gottlieb, chairman of the Trident Media Group™in New York. His books are available online from Amazon™, Barnes and Noble™, and iBooks ™.

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Bestselling Books from Port Washington, NY

Discover all of Bart Davis's published books, such as Closure, Black and White: The Way I See It (Autobiography of Richard Williams), and one of his the bestselling novels The Midnight Partner.


Find out what the press is saying about Bart Davis's work. Read reviews of Closure and The Woman Who Can't Forget, and others.


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